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Vicious Circus: Satanic Panic

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At the height of 1980's Satanism paranoia, a real evil threatens the vulnerable, an evil so dark it conjures a demon clown from Hell! A girl failed by the very people charged to protect and nurture her finds connection with a burgeoning Hellish force more wicked than imagined by the self-righteous hypocrites of her school and more dangerous than the awful adults in her life. What connection does this demonic new trickster have to the Vicious Circus?

Vicious Circus: Satanic Panic is a one-shot, 24-page comic written and lettered by Erica J. Heflin and illustrated by series co-creator Amanda Rachels, with colors by Vito Potenza. This story is a brand new, stand-alone tale featuring the characters and situations you know and love from our ongoing Vicious Circus series of comics and specials.