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Inverse Press

Vicious Circus Halloween Special 2022

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When a suspected serial child murderer escapes police by hiding in a defunct Halloween haunted house attraction, he finds himself terrified by more than just the rusted animatronics and old-fashioned jump scares, for the midway madhouse he ducked into is infested...with the vengeful clowns of the Vicious Circus.

The Vicious Circus 2022 Halloween Special is a 24-page, self-contained tale of your favorite anti-hero killer clowns, firmly entrenched in the trappings and feel of our favorite holiday.  The Halloween Special is written by Vicious Circus co-creator Kevin LaPorte and illustrated by Oscar Pinto (Heavy Metal), with colors by Vito Potenza (Vicious Circus: Satanic PanicScissor Sisters).