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Vicious Circus Book Two: To Clown a Predator

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Vicious Circus Book Two: To Clown a Predator
Book Two: To Clown a Predator is a full 48-page graphic novel that takes our killer clowns past Clown Town and into the broader world rife with awful people requiring their dark justice. A sting operation set up by a group of law enforcement officers and reporters goes sideways when the perps they baited go missing before they even arrive to be arrested. Who - or what - is beating the cops to the punch? One guess...

Vicious Circus is written by Kevin LaPorte (Last Ride of the 4 Horsemen, The Absentee, Roadkill du Jour, Scales of Time) and illustrated by Amanda Rachels (Flesh of White, Arcana Studios' The Book), with colors by Nathan Lueth (Flesh of White)!