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Inverse Press

The Absentee 1-6

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The Absentee is a science-fiction horror story, the tale of a test pilot returned from an interdimensional quest for perpetual energy sources to find himself possessed by an immaterial demon. He learns to occupy the demonic form with his own consciousness and use its preternatural abilities, but, while he is away, the demon's mind controls his body...and uses it to wreak havoc in all aspects of his life.

The Absentee is a six-issue science fiction/horror series, written by Kevin LaPorte (Vicious CircusRoadkill du JourLast Ride for Horsemen), with art by Rando Dixon and colors by Kate Frizzell and Vito Potenza. 120 pages in total. Choose from Classic Covers by Rando Dixon or Exclusive Covers by Oscar Pinto.