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Last Ride of the 4 Horsemen: Conquest 4

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In Last Ride of the 4 Horsemen: Conquest 4, Cager Dobbin embarks on a quest to overcome his old frenemy Wilbur Fairless - the newly minted Conquest Horseman - on his mission of vengeance against the celestial forces that ignited the Steampunk Apocalypse.

Last Ride of the 4 Horsemen is a Western comic with a Steampunk edge, written by Kevin LaPorte (Vicious Circus, The Absentee, Scissor Sisters, Roadkill du Jour), with art by Marco Cantillana and colors by Alivon Ortiz.  It is the last of four such stand-alone volumes, each a tale of the larger story of Conquest! 20 Pages.