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Lords of the Pit Volume 2: The Axe Thrasher

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Yeah, you can shred. Your calloused fingertips glide across the strings of your lute like dragons ride the wind, making you a hometown tavern superstar. But there's more potential in the chords and the wood of your instrument than just the melodies that spring from your hands. There's magic within...explosive magic waiting to be unleashed when you combine your musical acumen with the brutal rage inside you, channel it through the strings, and slam the figurative axe into the heads of those who would harm you.

Lords of the Pit Volume Two: The Axe Thrasher is a 24-page, comprehensive guide to using the 5E multi-classing rules to build a lute-smashing engine of blunt force trauma by weaving together the Bard and Barbarian classes. Put down your battle axe, pick up your lute, and slam it into foes for epic damage! Includes:

  • Original and exclusive Axe Thrasher sub-class features like Amplify and Distort
  • Strings-specific spells like Smash It Up and Melt Face
  • 10 new strings-themed magic items like Back Mask and Electric Lute
  • 6 new monsters like the dreaded Mettle God and String Golem
  • Simple but substantial rules for musical dueling - prove your melodic might
  • A massive, two-page, easy-to-use table laying out the spells, class features, sub-class features, feats, and attribute bonuses to take at each and every level, from 1 through 20
  • A step-by-step build guide that explains every advancement decision on features, spells, etc.
  • Detailed walk-throughs of Axe Thrasher strategy at all points

The softcover zine features a sturdy laminated cover stock, and the hardcover book is presented in durable case laminate format.