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Lords of the Pit Volume 1: The Hell Drummer

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Deep in the Abyss and far away, a thrumming beat sounds louder and louder still until it's all you can hear. The heaving rhythm of the living heart, Aventrium, brings your bones to shudder second upon second until it bleeds forth from your own fingers and sticks onto the skin of a drum that is both musical obsession and magical focus. You wield the dread heartbeat as song and weapon and curse in the very name of Aventrium and take your place as the Hell Drummer. 

Lords of the Pit Volume One: The Hell Drummer is a 24-page, comprehensive guide to using the 5E multi-classing rules to build a kit-bashing weapon of mass destruction by weaving together the Bard and Warlock classes. The Hell Drummer sub-class guide includes:

  • Original and exclusive Hell Drummer sub-class features like Timekeeper and War Drummer
  • Drummer-specific spells like Drumroll and Drop the Beat
  • Drum-themed magic items like Basilisk Skins and Gold Dragon Ear Drum
  • New monsters like the dreaded Bass Villain and Beatwing
  • Rival NPC's like the conniving dragonborn drummer Alaya Ayala
  • Brand new percussion instruments for the 5E Bard
  • Simple but substantial rules for busking - earning big coin as a street musician
  • A massive, two-page, easy-to-use table laying out the spells, class features, sub-class features, feats, and attribute bonuses to take at each and every level, from 1 through 20
  • A step-by-step build guide that explains every advancement decision on features, spells, etc.
  • Detailed walk-throughs of Hell Drummer strategy at all points

The softcover zine features a sturdy laminated cover stock, and the hardcover book is presented in durable case laminate format.