Last Ride of the 4 Horsemen 3 - War

$ 3.99

The desolate town of Promise enjoys neither food nor water, precious resources obliterated by the horsemen Famine and Pestilence (in our previous two chapters!), both ghosts of dead men wronged by local land baron, Wilbur Fairless. Now comes the horseman War in the guise of another, quite petite, missing acquaintance of the old tycoon. She ignites battle with his current paramour, the sitting Mayor of the place, and all of them - along with gun-for-hire Cager Dobbin - play out their rivalries in ultra-violent fashion while eluding the starving new cannibals of Promise.

Last Ride for Horsemen 3 - War is the next in this Western series with a Steampunk edge, written by Kevin LaPorte (Vicious Circus, The AbsenteeScissor SistersRoadkill du Jour), with art by Nathan Smith (pp. 1-13) and Ari Arnaldsson (pp. 14-20; inks pp. 11-13) and colors by Andrew Pate (NikolaiThe Killer BeesThe Genius Lanny Poffo). It is the third of four such stand-alone volumes, each spotlighting the onslaught of a distinct Horseman of the Apocalypse re-imagined as an archetypal denizen of the Wild West! 20 Pages.

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