Flesh of White 3

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Hidden in the depths of Tanzania exists a village of men and women with albinism. They are dedicated to protect one another from outsiders who would hunt their flesh, but now that a Witch Doctor has caught their scent, they must prepare to fight back. It is here that Rehema and Kwasi find refuge. However, the infant hasn't been forgotten by the Witch Doctor and his flesh Harvester, Majuto. Using all the power at their command, they hunt young Kwasi, for his flesh is the key component of a powerful spell. Is his white flesh truly the key to resurrection?

Issue 3 of a 4-issue color comic series by writer Erica J. Heflin (Zenescope Entertainment's WonderlandDark Shaman, Grayhaven Comics’ The GatheringChronographerOf Wolf & Woman, Mother & Son; Alterna's The Black Hand) & artist Amanda Rachels (Arcana Studios’ The Book; Vicious Circus). 24 pages.