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Flatline Comics Mystery Box

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A signed & numbered (in order of purchase) 10.75" x 8" x 1.625" heavy cardboard Flatline Comics Collector Box with software-randomized contents, including a selection of Flatline Comics and Graphic Novels, plus an original marker sketch by Flatline co-founder Amanda Rachels, as well as a series of premium covers and items created specifically and exclusively for this Mystery Box (which, itself, has two different versions with different interior art by Amanda):

Each item pictured includes the odds of finding it in a given Mystery Box, and there are GUARANTEED items in every Box listed at bottom, along with some random drop-in's that just MIGHT be there, too.

Check out the brand new Amanda Rachels Vicious Circus cover featuring Stumpy:

The Mystery Box itself comes in two varieties of interior art, a 3:4 variant featuring Stitches leaping out of Stumpy's box:

And a 1:4 RARE variant featuring Stagefright popping out of whatever circus hell lies within:

And the Mystery Box is the ONLY place to find Amanda's variant cover for issue 6 of Vicious Circus, and there's one in 50% of the Mystery Boxes:

One in four Mystery Boxes includes a Sketch Card (a brand new design!) from Amanda, and one in ten includes a Sketch Edition of Vicious Circus issue 6!

Only 100 copies of this Mystery Box will EVER be produced!