Eyes of the Hurricane

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NOW AVAILABLE AS A $0.99 DIGITAL DOWNLOAD - On September 16, 2004, Hurricane Ivan roared ashore at Gulf Shores, Alabama, and ravaged the Gulf Coast, wreaking destruction and shredding lives from Florida to Mississippi. The eye of Ivan glanced upward from the Gulf of Mexico and on toward the small town of Magnolia Springs, where local, Roberto Acosta, planned to ride out the storm in his home. He braved the moment and encountered...a hummingbird...right there, in that brief respite from tropical chaos...a hummingbird...alive and flitting...

From there, Roberto's imagination took flight on those buzzing wings, envisioning that hummingbird as messenger for a tiny people in need of shelter during that storm, a people who would teach him of matters beyond hurricanes, even beyond life itself...

Luckily for Roberto, his next door neighbor is one Amanda Rachels, artist extraordinaire of Inverse Press' Clown Town and Flesh of White and Arcana Studios' The Book, and she was so moved by the tale, she agreed to illustrate it! Inverse Press partner - and writer of Clown TownRoadkill du Jour and Last Ride for Horsemen - Kevin LaPorte, was tapped to adapt the story to a comic script from Roberto's memories and notes.

Thus was Eyes of the Hurricane born! It is a 20-page, self-contained comic featuring an inspirational tale of meaning found in a most unexpected circumstance.

This LIMITED EDITION HARDCOVER version of Eyes of the Hurricane also includes an ADDITIONAL, 10-page story by Kevin and Amanda - The Lil' Liberator - NOT AVAILABLE anywhere else!