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Black Friday Box: Roadkill du Jour

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Roadkill du Jour is the tale of a lone biker cursed by a voodoo witch to eat nothing but roadkill - hot off the pavement - for all his days. Now, whatever he eats, he gains its talents. If he eats a possum, he hangs by his tail. If he eats a buzzard, he grows wings to fly. And he's gonna use them powers to avenge his fallen gang, kill the witch what hexed him, and lift that awful curse.

Roadkill du Jour is a 4-issue, 80-page supernatural horror-action epic set firmly in the realm of bayou fantasy. These comics are written by Kevin LaPorte (Vicious Circus, Last Ride of the 4 Horsemen) and illustrated by Shawn Harbin (The Dungeon Comic) with colors by Laura Guzzo and Yuan Cakra.

The 10.75" x 8" x 1.625" Last Ride of the 4 Horsemen Collector Box is perfect for holding your collection. Each box is NUMBERED in the order pledged (e.g., the backer who pledges for the first Box gets the Box numbered 001) and AUTOGRAPHED by series creator Kevin LaPorte. Features a gorgeous new cover from artist Jonathan Grimm and art and logos from the comics on every side, inside and out.

Box and all books autographed by writer/co-creator Kevin LaPorte.

Includes a set of Roadkill du Jour Cover Prints.

Features a personalized 2.5" x 3.5" Christmas sketch card with unique pencil-&-marker sketch by Amanda Rachels.