Last Ride of the 4 Horsemen 2 - Pestilence

$ 3.99

As the Apocalypse sets upon the lost town of Promise, her people starve in the wake of destruction wrought by the monstrous plowman, Famine, and, now the hungry grow desperate for any sustenance to ease their pangs. Enter the swindler, Pestilence and his mystery elixir, promised to satisfy the empty belly and preserve life...even without food! The same surviving few who took down Famine are left to prevent Pestilence infesting all who yet remain, but can they withstand each other long enough to save the entirety of Promise?

Last Ride for Horsemen 2 - Pestilence is the next in this Western series with a Steampunk edge, written by Kevin LaPorte (Vicious Circus, The AbsenteeScissor SistersRoadkill du Jour), with art by Nathan Smith and colors by Gavin Michelli (Arcana Studios' The Book). It is the second of four such stand-alone volumes, each spotlighting the onslaught of a distinct Horseman of the Apocalypse re-imagined as an archetypal denizen of the Wild West! 20 Pages.

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