Roadkill du Jour: Witches vs. Bikers in the Mystical Bayou

Roadkill du Jour: Witches vs. Bikers in the Mystical Bayou

In early January, Flatline Comics brings you a complete, 4-issue horror series set firmly in the bayou noir. Roadkill du Jour is the story of a hulking biker, the lone survivor of his gang, cursed to eat only roadkill for all his days. But whatever he eats, he gains its traits. If he eats a possum, he can hang by his tail. If he eats a buzzard, he grows wings to fly.

He's on a mission to wield these powers to avenge his lost biker gang, destroy the witch what cursed him, and lift the curse itself. And maybe enjoy a meal what ain't hot off the asphalt.

Roadkill du Jour is a 4-issue, 80-page series - a complete, closed-ended story - written by Kevin LaPorte (Vicious CircusLast Ride of the 4 Horsemen) and illustrated by Shawn Harbin (The Dungeon Comic), with colors by Laura Guzzo and Yuan Cakra.

Rewards include digital and print editions of the comics under amazing new covers by Jonathan Grimm with colors by Vito Potenza, as well as an 8" x 10.75" x 1.625" Collector Box, also with art and colors by Grimm and Potenza.

Also available are Deluxe editions, featuring autographs by writer Kevin LaPorte and a unique interior sketch by Flatline Comics co-founder Amanda Rachels.

And we have a few sets of the original cover series from nearly a decade ago, featuring art by interior artist and series co-creator Shawn Harbin and, for issue 4, Amanda Rachels.

These are extremely limited and will only be available in a Completist Box Edition of the series.

Roadkill du Jour launches on Kickstarter at 6:00 p.m. CDT on Sunday, January 2, 2022, but you can set a reminder (by email) on our Kickstarter Pre-Launch Page right now!

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