New Comics This Winter from Flatline Comics & Squared Circle Comics

New Comics This Winter from Flatline Comics & Squared Circle Comics

Winter Brings New Comics & New Series to Flatline Comics and to Our Squared Circle Line of Authorized Pro Wrestling Comics

Check Out the Covers & the Concepts Below!
December 2021
Available on Kickstarter right now (but for only TWO MORE DAYS), the Vicious Circus 2021 Christmas Special is a 24-page, self-contained tale of your favorite anti-hero killer clowns, running amok through the holiday season right alongside Santa himself.  The Christmas Special is written by Vicious Circus co-creator Kevin LaPorte and illustrated by Carlos Tron, with colors by Daniele Caramanico.
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January 2022
Coming in January is Roadkill du Jour, the complete 4-issue series in a brand new Collector Box and under all new covers by Jonathan Grimm! 

Witness the awful plight of a devastated biker afflicted with the curse to eat only that which dies on the road…and to then assume the traits of the very creature which he consumed. This biker, duJour, longs to recover the soul of his lost wife and gain vengeance against the voodoo witch who hexed him and murdered his gang. In this last chapter, the end of the road looms for duJour and the ragged remains of the Roadkill Motorcycle Club, as they finally confront Mama Houdoo in their quest for vengeance against her! But, first, secrets revealed may consume them all...

Roadkill du Jour is a full-length graphic novel crafted by writer Kevin LaPorte (Vicious Circus; Scissor Sisters; The AbsenteeLast Ride of the 4 Horsemen), artist Shawn Harbin, and colorists Laura Guzzo (Action Labs’ PrinceLess) and Yuan Cakra.

February 2022

And, in frozen heart of February comes The Black Hand, another complete 4-issue series inside an amazing Collector Box.

A childhood brush with death left Victoria Addair with a blackened hand that has the power to slay the undead with a touch. Drafted into the Order of the Black Hand, Victoria is sent to an old mining town to slay a ghost–the Grey Boy–who haunts the mountainside. Soon Victoria learns that all is not as it appears and the secrets of the Grey Boy’s origin could save – or doom – them all!

Story by Erica J. Heflin (Zenescope's Wonderland, Flesh of White, Antithesis). Art by Fares Maese. Edited by James O'Callaghan.

February 2022
Also in February, we get the second huge volume of The Comic Book Encyclopedia of Pro Wrestling, a massive, 280-page collection of fully authorized comic book biographies of pro wrestling legends and encyclopedia-style articles featuring the wrestlers themselves, their allies and their enemies!

Featuring the stories of Nikolai Volkoff, The Soulman Rocky Johnson, Bruno Sammartino, Hollywood (from G.L.O.W.), Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Gangrel, The Killer Bees, Bobby Fulton of The Fantastics, and Robert Gibson of The Rock 'n' Roll Express.

All stories written by wrestling historian John Crowther, with encyclopedia entries written by Kevin LaPorte, featuring artwork by Marvel and DC Veterans Dell Barras and Rich Perotta, as well as Carlos Tron.
March 2022
March brings a 4-volume (300+ pages) set of collected, fully authorized pro wrestling comics under the banner, The Illustrated History of Pro Wrestling. This will be the most comprehensive collection of authorized, biographical wrestling comics ever created:
  • Volume 1 - Nikolai Volkoff
  • Volume 2 - The Killer Bees
  • Volume 3 - The Genius Lanny Poffo + Bobby Fulton & The Fantastics
  • Volume 4 - Rocky Johnson + Jake Hager + Sunny the California Girl
Each written by wrestling historian John Crowther, these stories are based on in-depth interviews and intimate conversations between the writer and the wrestlers.

A limited number of hardcover editions of these books will be available only via the Kickstarter campaign, as will signed, numbered Collector Boxes to hold the set!

The first 100 backers will receive a numbered bookplate autographed by writer John Crowther, cover artist Jonathan Grimm, and publisher/editor Kevin LaPorte.

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