Christmas is Coming to the Vicious Circus

Christmas is Coming to the Vicious Circus

In early December, our flagship Vicious Circus line of killer clown comics again crosses into new holiday territory, with the launch of the Vicious Circus 2021 Christmas Special, a 24-page holiday horror written by series co-creator Kevin LaPorte and illustrated by Carlos Tron with colors by Daniele Caramanico (the art team from Squared Circle's Hollywood).

The Christmas Special will arrive prior to Christmas and features a tale of Santa allied with our signature killer clowns to do what they all do best - bring a glimmer of happiness to a forlorn child.

Check out the amazing Oscar Pinto cover and some preview pages:

Santa Claus and killer clown Stumpy carry a sack of weapons on a Christmas mission.

Look for the Vicious Circus 2021 Christmas Special in just a few weeks!



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